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SecOps and NetOps Integration

Close the Gap for a Faster, More Secure Customer Experience

Eliminate Silos Between SecOps and NetOps

While security and network teams have traditionally operated as separate entities, each with their own culture, tools, and processes, the barriers between these two groups are beginning to stand between enterprises and a scalable, secure customer experience. Between the industry-wide shortage of skilled security staff and the increasing complexity of hybrid infrastructures, closer collaboration between NetOps and SecOps is now a roadmap to success.

Adopting an integrated security and network operations center will help you streamline threat response workflows, add security staff that already know and understand the environment, and reduce operational expenses by eliminating unnecessary tool sprawl. ExtraHop Reveal(x) delivers industry-leading Network Detection and Response (NDR) that security and network teams can use to secure and accelerate the business.

Complete Visibility

Automatically discover and classify all devices communicating on your network, with real-time, out-of-band SSL/TLS decryption so security and network teams can see hidden attackers and crucial transaction details without compromising compliance or privacy. Reveal(x) gives you full east-west visibility across on-premises and cloud assets at up to 100Gbps.

Real-Time Detection

Harden your attack surface and reduce risk by immediately detecting anomalous and suspicious behavior across all on-premises and cloud assets. Reveal(x) uses machine learning that leverages more than 4,800 wire data features to accurately identify threats inside the perimeter, and automatically correlates detections against your most critical assets to help your team focus on the highest-risk investigations.

Intelligent Response

Automate investigation workflows by correlating real-time detections from Reveal(x) with third-party threat intelligence as well as other analytics tools, with immediate access to forensic evidence. Take advantage of robust integrations with orchestration and ticketing platforms like ServiceNow and Phantom for automated response, and cut your overall time to resolve threats by 77 percent or more.


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ExtraHop has become a key part of our daily operations and workflow. With insights from ExtraHop, we can work with our customers and update systems to eliminate insecure communication pathways and better secure our company's environment as a whole.

Chris Wenger
Sr. Manager of Network & Telecommunications, Mitchell International

Close the Gap for a Faster, More Secure Customer Experience

Organizational change is difficult, time-consuming, and stressful—but with scalable, real-time network detection and response from ExtraHop Reveal(x), both security and network teams have a comprehensive platform to ease the strain of transition.

With full east-west visibility that both teams can use to solve problems ranging from web application lag to brute-force attempts, and machine learning that helps to detect and prioritize issues across the hybrid enterprise, your enterprise can replace multiple legacy tools with a single modern platform.

Learn more about how to go about integrating your security and network teams in the ebook: An Executive's Guide to Integrating NetOps and SecOps. To get a feel for how ExtraHop Reveal(x) supports an integrated Security and Network Operations Center, explore shared use cases in the interactive online demo below.

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