Enterprise Data Integrations

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Teamwork Makes
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Powerful integrations between security, IT, and cloud tooling are critical for efficient and scalable operations. ExtraHop offers a full spectrum of integration support, from off-the-shelf integrations to advanced APIs, and our active developer community and partner ecosystem are constantly working on new ways to help you detect, investigate, and respond to incidents with broader visibility, deeper context, and more effective response automation.

Featured Security Integrations

Automatically correlate analytics from ExtraHop with Phantom's security orchestration for real-time threat response.

Integrate CloudWatch and VPC NetFlow data into your ExtraHop wire data for complete visibility across your hybrid enterprise.

Use ExtraHop's real-time anomaly detection and auto-discovery to automate incident response and update your CMDB in real time.

Strengthen your Splunk security posture with ExtraHop's passive enterprise monitoring and real-time visibility.

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